CHICHESTER CITY TOURS...... 'the original Chichester walking tour group'
CHICHESTER CITY TOURS......           'the original Chichester walking tour group'

Chichester Roman Week




    Saturday 25th May




  Friday 31st May 2019


In partnership with The Novium Museum, Chichester City Tours are offering a Roman City Walk looking at Roman Chichester; seeing real Roman sites; touching what the Romans touched two thousand years ago all helping you to imagine Chichester in Roman times and to understand how the City developed from their occupation.


    Our walks will take place at 11am on Saturday, 25th May

.        and at 2pm on Wednesday, 29th May and will last  

                         approximately 90 minutes.


                 For more information and to book visit


Chichester City Tours wish to acknowledge the support of Chichester City Council

Chichester City Tours can be contacted via The Novium       Tower Street              Chichester PO19 1QH Tel: 01243 816525 


Saturday 25th to Friday 31st May.

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